Solar panels can create huge savings for agricultural businesses when installing them on the roof of farm buildings.

Agricultural buildings such as refrigeration warehouses, grain stores, dairy units and chicken housing require high levels of electricity. The current cost of a unit of electricity purchased from the grid is around 10-12p per unit.  A solar panel installation allows farmers to effectively forward buy their own electricity at 5 to 6 pence per unit; halving their electricity costs. This price is also protected from inevitable price increases by the electricity supplier.

Solar panels generate energy during daylight hours and the majority of agricultural energy consumption is during the day, this is when solar PV is most effective at saving farms money. Using the energy your solar supporting building has produced on site is the most effective way of reducing electricity costs. This is exactly how solar PV should work, using the energy it where it is produced.

Agricultural businesses can also heavily reduce their carbon footprint with the installation of solar panels. Fellow businesses, customers and government inspectors like to see that efforts are being made to enhance green credentials. A solar PV structure is one of the best examples of this and as they last for over 25 years, it shows the business is planning for the long term future.

Despite recent cuts to the government’s Feed-in Tariff scheme, ROI still exceeds 12%. Solar panels are of great benefit for agricultural use – it is a proven and reliable system, which ultimately saves money over a long period of time.

When researching solar installers check how long the installer has been in the industry and how many installations they have completed. Ask for customer references and find out which vendors they are working with. Be careful to check out the companies Health and Safety record and their experience with roofs, groundwork and electrical work.

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