As with anything in life, the quality of a product varies from brand to brand. This is the same for solar panel manufacturers. Output, durability and efficiency will all vary and this is why any business owner should carefully review any production figures proposed by a solar installer. Ensure the figures specifically relate to a particular panel and inverter brand and aren’t just generic figures. Yields can vary by as much as 10% between brands of the same “power”.

Crmti power are not tied in to any particular supplier and install any type of panel (module) required by the customer, providing it is of a known quality brand.  Whilst it is one of the most expensive panels on the market, we do highly recommend REC Panels because they deliver proven high performance and yield, offering excellent returns and value for money. In addition, their financial stability supporting their warranty is superb as indicated by this Bloomberg graph in March 2016.

Here is why REC solar panels are the best choice for commercial buildings…

High quality, high yield – REC panels offer more power per m2 because their design reduces shadows, increases sunlight capture and therefore delivers more energy.

Panel quality that lasts and lasts – A maximum degradation of 0.7% each year and guaranteed minimum performance level of 80.2% by the end of the 25th year.

The largest European brand – REC is the largest European brand of solar panel manufacturers and has been scored the safest manufacture by Bloomberg based on the Altman-Z score.

Award winning – REC won the highly regarded Intersolar Award in 2015. The award was given for its new REC TwinPeak Series solar panel which provides enhanced reliability and performance.

Robust and durable design – Panels are designed to withstand heavy loads and wind.

Optimised for all sunlight conditions – Improved power output in low and diffuse conditions (e.g. sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather).

Latest research – REC invests huge amounts each year researching panel quality and performance bring the very best technology to market.

We can provide electricity yield comparisons using independent software for all makes of panels to help you chose the right panel. For more information please contact us.