I’n this post I have wrote a business review of Mypower who supply and install Solar Panels to commercial organisations.

Mypower provide Solar Panels for Commercial rooftops all over the uk, for all types of businesses from food manufactures to farms. Whether you are looking to reduce your overheads by cutting electricity costs or wanting energy security, Mypower can help you achieve your goals.

Over the last 6 years, Mypower have designed, project managed and installed over 30,000 panels (7,500kW) across 175 jobs with an average job size of 43kW. We can install any brand of solar panel but we highly recommend a quality high yielding panel as this is how you can maximise your ROI.

There are many solar panels for sale and we install many different brands. For the last 4 years our top selling brand at over 90% has been REC. REC solar panels in our opinion provide the best value for money, – high yields at sensible prices. They are the European brand leader winning awards for their panel research and development.

It is not just the solar panel brand which affects the output quantities. Inverters which convert the energy captured from the panels into usable energy for your building also have a big part to play in production amounts. Mypower regularly work with a number of high performing inverters such as Huawei, Solar edge, and SMA.

When quoting for any commercial install we use independent software to calculate outputs to give you a breakdown of how much energy is generated and therefore the savings which can be expected.

Businesses which install solar panels on their premises can take control of their own electricity supply. Whether installed on the roof of commercial buildings and offices or on structures over car parks, a well-designed solar system from Mypower can help your business become energy independent and reduce long term energy costs.

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