Installation of solar panels on your commercial premises can not only reduce your carbon emissions thus helping to save the planet but can also be an incredible opportunity to save or earn money. The UK government have vowed to increase the use of renewable energy production technology, such as solar power, by 2020 in the hopes of reducing nationwide carbon emissions. This, is good news for your business because to help in increasing the uptake of commercial solar panels the government have introduced schemes to encourage installation. This includes loans to help with the initial cost of installing solar panels and the feed in tariff, which provides money not just for owning solar panels but also pays for all energy produced which is unused.

For commercial premises, this is a great opportunity to simultaneously reduce overheads from paying for energy from the grid and increase profits if the system is capable of producing more electricity than is required by the business. Although a large initial investment is required to install solar panels, the time it takes to earn back the investment is quickly decreasing. In some cases it can be as little as a couple of years.

Another reason that investing in solar panels for commercial premises may be a wise move is because there are hints that the government may soon begin to restrict energy usage from the grid. Recently the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme has been introduced which requires all large businesses to be audited for the energy usage. If this transitions into a cap on the amount of power that commercial premises can withdraw from the grid then businesses will be forced to look into other means if they wish to avoid large profit losses. Making the switch over to solar panels now for your commercial premises allows your business to function independently of these restrictions and allows your business to stay afloat.

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